Wednesday, August 11

18 sx~!

Ouch! It's has been a long time i haven't update my lovely blog... So tired and lazy... Been busy lately with a lots of assignments... 7 subjek saye amek dish sem.., semuanye ade group assignment.. ade group presentation... kene submit report.. series! degree its not that easy like diploma dulu...

Tomorrow i have a test.. next week i have 2 test in monday... which is call as marathon test! gilak! Than.., wednesday have a group presentation.. and need to submit report on monday also.. banyaknye keje!!!! I Hate It! Buku pinjam kat lib pn da due date.. tepakse renew.. haishh!

Scan back what i had done in a last few months.., owh rupenye saye sudah tidak pulang ke rumah hampir a month! owh tidak tesekse jiwa rage tahu??!

Just wanna remind myself... "NO LOVE TILL MY GRADUATION DAY" FOCUS!!

Saje je kasi title 18 sx.. korg suke la kan??

***the end***

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